Super exercise for chest

Hi guys how are you today i am going to telling about Super exercise for chest.

1.Capurso cue reverse grip decline bench pressSuper exercise for chest

  • If you know me, you know that I like starting with the heavy portion of the workout. I want to push heavy weight first when I
  • have all the energy. So get heavy! Take a few warm-up sets to work up to a heavy working weight. We’re only doing three reps at a time, so get aggressive. 
  • Don’t forget to limit your rest to 30 seconds. It’s an essential part of this program. Keep a timer handy or a clock in your field of vision. Live and die by the clock.

2 seated machine fly

Super exercise for chest

  • You might start fading a little bit here, so make sure you take an intra-workout supplement like
  • branched chain amino acids to give your muscles some fuel and keep your endurance strong
  • If you can’t get the required reps on this exercise, it’s time to drop the weight. I don’t want you rest-pausing—that’s not part of the program—and you’re not allowed to quit early.

3 Svend press

Super exercise for chest

  • You don’t see this exercise very often. It’s something that old-school bodybuilders used to do. It’s really an isometric squeeze. I’m going to push two 10-pound plates together really hard. If I
  • could push through the plates, I would. Push the plates into each other and then press out. Focus on feeling those inner-chest fibers working.

4 Single arm top cable flye

Super exercise for chest

  • We do this exercise unilaterally so we can benefit from the ascending reps. You get a little
  • bit of a break every time you alternate arms. These small breaks and the ascending style mean you get to lift a little bit heavier, too, which is what the whole Super 30 program is
  • 30 total reps for each arm by performing 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 reps with each arm.

so guys this super exercise for chest in details enjoy this I hope you like my post thank you we will soon next post.


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